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 Synergy Vocabulary (For the new people)

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PostSubject: Synergy Vocabulary (For the new people)   Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:42 am

For some people who don't know clan war vocabulary.

Rush (X) - Means to pretty much run as fast as you can into that area. Means an all out run don't stop. Don't bunch up because your scared your gonna die.

Flank - Means to rush around and kill the enemy in the back. So take a route around the enemy and take them out by surprise.

Camp - It's pretty obvious. Don't peak corners. Just sit and wait for them to come.

Sneak/Shift walk - To run around unseen. This tatic isn't very used often since this is a very fast paced game. So it sometimes people are told to sneak around.

I do this not for clan post, but the first time I ever joined a clan. They said flank to me. I had no flippin idea what was flanking. I thought they meant spread out. So here's the details.
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Synergy Vocabulary (For the new people)
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